chrysalis synthesis

by vanada karmana

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chrysalis (a preparatory or transitional state)

synthesis (the combining of often diverse conceptions into a coherent whole, and the complex so formed. the dialectic combination of thesis and antithesis into a higher stage of truth)

everything from the hum to the flutters
vibration and frequency, echoing waves
everything from itself of itself musters
mirrors on mirrors and glistening heart caves
everything opens like stillness in silence
cause and effect, blood through the veins
everything chosen to come from the inside
to reveal the expression of such lovely strains
everything reaches for something beyond
tendrils and branches and crystalline flakes
everything has its own wave, its own song
every moment a birthing, a new being wakes
stretching out soulfully with true intention
in a sense innocence always at play
always its essence is there since inception
circling, spiraling, towards a new day

दक अस्ति जीवित water is life.
this collection of music is dedicated to the water protectors.
♪ lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu ♪

वन द कार्मण
☮ ❤ ॐ
~ दनि


released September 22, 2016

composition, production, mixing and mastering by Dani Leonardo

cover art by Hiver van Geenhoven and Dani Leonardo

bonus content by Dani Leonardo



all rights reserved


vanada karmana Ashland, Oregon

वन द कार्मण

weaver of sound, forest/water offering, longing effect

magic, sorcery, witchcraft, relating to or proceeding from a work or action, performing anything by means of magic
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Track Name: love like reaching tendrils
to the sun
to the sea
i am yours
you are me
may we burn
may we breathe
may we see
the unseen